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by Michael Polzella

Headquartered in Miami, with offices in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and the state capital of Tallahassee, our roots run deep in the Sunshine State. The team at the Converge companies has worked at the highest levels of state government and regularly serve at the top of high-profile state-level campaigns. Founded in 2018 by Jonathan Kilman, the Converge suite of companies include Converge GPS, Converge Digital, and Converge Government Affairs.

At Converge, we develop and execute strategic campaigns for prominent businesses, non-profits, policy and advocacy groups, and political candidates and organizations. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in public affairs, communications, and crisis management and we bring a cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary and bi-partisan viewpoint and solutions to complex problems in the private and public sectors.

Comprehensive Communications Strategy. A comprehensive communications strategy is a necessary component of every project, campaign, product launch, and issue advocacy. Rapid advancements in media and communication technologies have rendered traditional methods of advancing ideas ineffective. Converge deploys a multi-disciplinary approach that crosses the realms of public relations, data analysis, social media, technology, and campaign strategy.

Data and Research Driven. Converge takes a methodical approach to communications. We develop messages based on extensive research and message testing. Without a strong message, a communications campaign will not successfully reach audiences.

Crisis Communications. Navigating a crisis of any magnitude can be extremely trying, and is almost always made worse when you attempt to do so without experienced counsel. In times of crisis, the professionals at Converge have delivered steady hands when clients need to manage ever-changing, 24-hour news cycles. This experience matters during a crisis, and it can mean the difference between success and total reputational damage.

Media Relations. In the 24-hour news cycle, breaking through the noise is a challenge. At Converge, we know how to tap into relevant news cycles and develop hooks to get your message heard. We then amplify the message across appropriate channels to reach your target audience.

Digital Media. Social media and digital platforms are the most powerful methods of mass influence. The challenge is harnessing these tools for a powerful and effective campaign. Converge brings a disciplined yet creative style to digital persuasion, tailored to your goals, your budget, and your organizational culture.

Grassroots Advocacy. We know how to build the ground game and deliver the air support. The team at Converge has successfully managed local, state and national efforts to build grassroots, influencer, and coalition support for our clients’ advocacy goals. When the stakes are high, we bring clarity and control to campaigns that impact the lives of every resident.

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